Mission: Impossible Temporary Cabinet Close Up

Mission Impossible Arcade

Experience the immersive spy world in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ARCADE as you enter the 4-player Super Deluxe Attraction cabinet. Easy & fun gameplay that’s fun and competitive. Contact Sales for Pricing.


Based on the iconic Paramount Pictures franchise, SEGA brings one of the most influential, action-packed spy franchises to arcades and FEC’s worldwide with Mission: Impossible Arcade.

Players will experience the immersive spy world when they enter the 4 player Super Deluxe Attraction cabinet. Designed to look like the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) safe house, the interiors are full of details that convey the feel of the top-secret high-tech hideout. Edge lighting on the control area and on subwoofers, spot player lighting and LED floor lighting strips not only floods more light in the cabinet but also immerse the player in the hi-tech feel of the game. All the fast-paced action takes place on two huge 55” HD screens.

Mission: Impossible Arcade gameplay is easy to grasp, fun and full of thrilling action. Players take on the role of an IMF trainee and must complete missions to sabotage enemy plans that aim to weaponize humanoid robots. Players will use advance spy gadgets and weapons to complete their missions. Playing as a single or two-person team, players must complete missions before the rival team does. This adds a fun and competitive edge to the game as players will be competing versus real opponents in linked games or versus AI in un-linked games.

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