MagixPool Table


MagixPool Plug & Play Interactive Projection for Pool Tables


MagixPool: The Plug-and-Play Revolution that Transforms Pool into Augmented Reality Adventure!

Elevate your pool tables to the next level of entertainment with MagixPool, the groundbreaking projection system that redefines the classic game with dazzling augmented reality (AR) effects. This innovative technology is more than just a projection – it’s a portal to a world of immersive excitement for players of all ages.

Unleash the Magic:

  • Augmented Reality Experience: Overlay stunning visuals, captivating gameplay elements, and interactive challenges onto your existing pool table, transforming it into a dynamic AR playground.
  • 10+ Amazing Effects: Dive into a diverse library of immersive effects, from underwater adventures to galactic battles, keeping players endlessly engaged.
  • Modern & Adaptable: The sleek, compact design seamlessly integrates with any environment, while the ultra-bright laser projector ensures brilliant visuals even in well-lit spaces.
  • Mobile Control: Take control with ease! Players scan a QR code with their mobile devices to access intuitive controls and choose their preferred effects and games.
  • Easy Setup: MagixPool installs effortlessly onto all standard pool tables, minimizing downtime and maximizing your profit potential.
  • Universal Appeal: From kids enthralled by underwater themes to adults captivated by thrilling challenges, MagixPool offers an entertainment package that suits everyone.

Beyond Entertainment:

  • Boost Attract & Retention: MagixPool’s captivating visuals and interactive gameplay attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more, boosting your bottom line.
  • Differentiate Your Offering: Stand out from the competition with this unique and exciting technology, ensuring your location becomes the go-to spot for innovative entertainment.
  • Flexible Revenue Streams: Utilize optional ticket dispensers and tiered pricing structures to monetize the AR experience and maximize your ROI.

MagixPool isn’t just a game – it’s a game changer. Transform your pool tables into interactive hubs of excitement, attract new customers, and watch your profits soar. Contact us today and unleash the magic of MagixPool in your location!

Product Specifications

Mounting height for Pool Table
1) 7'x4' Pool Table: 9'7" (2.9M)
2) 8'x4' Pool Table: 10'6" (3.3M)
Weight : 50 LBS