Lane Master Xtreme


With Lane Master Xtreme, you get the same exciting experience as the original, only this time, they added some riveting features to take this game to the Xtreme! Combining physical and video gameplay, we’ve added several “Power Up Balls, “each with a unique advantage to maximize your high scores. This game offers the choice of dispensing physical “Power Up Balls”, activated by scanning the corresponding QR code on the ball at the front of the game, or opt for a version without dispensing “Power Up Balls”. Worry not; you can still get the powers and advantages of the “Power Up Balls” even with the non-dispensing version.

Item Number: USPM 028725N


Welcome to Lane Master Xtreme, where classic bowling meets cutting-edge technology! Throw your physical ball down the lane and watch it knock down digital pins on the virtual alley. It’s all about speed and precision as you race against the clock to maximize your pin hits. Discover unique power-ups, challenge friends in multiplayer mode, and win big with bonus tickets and Power Ball Prizes. Get ready to roll with us and experience the thrill of this gaming revolution!

This game boasts an exciting and beautiful cabinet that will be the talk of any room it’s placed in. Not only is it a visual wonder, but it’s also packed with tons of fun bonus features, such as the golden strikes.

Another exciting feature of this game is the opportunity to collect one of several “Power Balls.” The QR-code balls can be scanned at the front of the cabinet to unlock a bevy power boosted skills to your already amazing gameplay. At the end, you will have the opportunity to spin the Prize Spinner for a chance at additional tickets or a power ball prize!

Lane Master Xtreme will provide extreme retro fun that’s perfect for the whole family.

  • Single/ multiplayer modes
  • Hit as many pins as you can within the time limit
  • Unlock hidden superpowers by scanning QR-code Power Balls
  • Attractive ‘Retrowave’ style cabinet & marquee
  • 49″ LCD monitors
  • Linkable cabinets
  • Option to play without Power Balls/hopper/scanner

Product Specifications

W65" x D113" x H104.5"
1290 lb.

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