Kahuna's Big Wave Close Up

Kahuna’s Big Wave

Catch the Big Wave!

Timing is everything when trying to catch the Big Wave! Win big tickets with Kahuna’s Big Wave! Contact Sales for Pricing.


Timing is everything when trying to catch the Big Wave! The object is to correctly time the release of your ball to roll down the “Big Wave” and into one of several vertical moving targets. If you get your ball through the smaller targets – you could win one of two separate and independent bonus features – The Little Tiki Bonus or the Big Wave Bonus. If your ball rolls through a larger target, you will be awarded a fixed number of tickets. If the ball bounces off the rear targets, there is still an opportunity for it to drop into one of several playfield targets with fixed ticket amounts or drop into the “Lava Bonus” hole. This two-player game features two 42” monitors, Hawaiian-style drums, and island music.

Lil’ Tiki Bonus:
The LIL’ TIKI BONUS has a smaller hole and is challenging to win. Getting your ball into the Lil’ Tiki Bonus will automatically award an operator-adjustable ticket amount. This is designed to be a quick – high-ticket payout.

Big Wave Bonus:
The BIG WAVE BONUS is the most difficult to win since the size of the target is only a little bigger than the ball. The bonus fanfare will undoubtedly attract attention with unique island drums and high-intensity LED lights if the player can get their ball into this target. After the bonus is triggered, the target frames slowly rotate and stop at 100 positions. At this time, the game will automatically drop balls down the “wave” and into the 100 Ticket target until the value reaches the operator-adjustable value.

Lava Bonus:
The player will win additional free balls if your ball rolls into the LAVA BONUS hole. After the bonus is triggered, the ball track or “wave” will separate, and the game will drop a pre-set amount of balls onto the main playfield. Players can win many tickets if each ball falls into a hole with a ticket value.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 55"
Depth: 72"
Height: 110/112"