Interactive Darts

SMARTS Interactive Darts brings the game of darts to the masses in a fun, social way. Using our slick, touch-screen interface, participants can input their names before snapping a selfie and choosing which of our great games to play.


SMARTS Interactive Darts reimagines the classic pub game for a tech-savvy generation, transforming it into a vibrant social experience.

Participants can input their names, snap a selfie, and choose from various engaging games on a slick touchscreen interface. Gone are the days of chalk scoreboards and manual calculations – SMARTS boasts revolutionary Smartboard® technology that automatically detects dart landings and displays scores on a screen above the board.

Catering to modern preferences, SMARTS appeals to families seeking wholesome entertainment, professionals looking for unique date nights, and corporate teams aiming to bolster social connections. This tech-infused experience mirrors the technology these demographics interact with daily, blurring the lines between virtual and real-world interaction.

But SMARTS doesn’t compromise on authenticity. Players grip real steel-tipped darts and launch them at genuine bristle dartboards from Unicorn, the world’s leading manufacturer. The vibrant screen guides them through chosen games, offering helpful aiming cues and maintaining a clear view of the score. With constantly expanding game options and three difficulty levels, SMARTS ensures something for everyone, from casual throwers to seasoned pros.

SMARTS Interactive Darts isn’t just a game – it’s a social catalyst, a tech-driven twist on a beloved classic, and a surefire recipe for creating lasting memories.

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