Ice Cold Beer


Ice Cold Beer is originally a mechanical arcade game that was released by Taito, a Japanese arcade developer, in 1983. The game is highly sought after by collectors for its classic fun and 80’s nostalgia.

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Ice Cold Beer was originally a mechanical arcade game released by Japanese arcade developer Taito in 1983. Collectors highly seek after the game for its classic fun and 80’s nostalgia.

Ice Cold Beer uses two joysticks to control a horizontal bar that balances a metal ball. The objective is to maneuver the ball carefully up a playfield full of holes to deposit the ball into the lit hole. If the player is successful, the bar returns to the bottom to reset. Each round, the game gets increasingly difficult as the lit hole gets higher and higher up the playfield. If the ball deposits into an unlit hole, the game is over.

Ice Cold Beer remake features by Retro Arcade include:

  • Brand new cabinet and components but will look and play just like the original
  • Assembled in the upper Midwest USA
  • Completely redesigned operating systems using modern technology and eliminating many of the failure points of the original machines
  • Brilliant silk-screened glass art
  • Proprietary FPGA board design to emulate exact original gameplay
  • Screw drives with powerful stepper motors replacing belt drives
  • Sensors on many holes allow for an expanded game plan
  • Designed from the ground up with technician input for easy maintenance and repair
  • Game upgrade abilities
  • Future competition play abilities
  • Coin door bill acceptor capable
  • Small floor space footprint
  • Original leaf spring joystick controllers

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