Hungry, Hungry Hippos

The hungriest hippo with the most marbles wins.


Unleash the Inner Hippo with Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Arcade Showdown for All Ages!

Remember the epic marble-chomping battles of your childhood? Get ready to relive the frenzy in oversized, arcade-style glory with Hungry Hungry Hippos! This action-packed game takes the beloved classic to a whole new level, offering two-to-four-player battles that will have children (and adults!) roaring with laughter and competitive spirit.

Here’s why Hungry Hungry Hippos is the ultimate crowd-pleaser for your arcade or family entertainment center:

  • Larger-than-life Fun: Players climb aboard their own hippopotamus mounts, giving them a truly immersive experience compared to the tabletop version.
  • Classic Gameplay, Amplified: The familiar marble-grabbing action remains, but with faster speeds, bigger chomps, and more intense competition, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.
  • Family-Friendly Frenzy: Perfect for all ages, from tiny munchkins to nostalgic parents, Hungry Hungry Hippos fosters friendly competition and creates lasting memories.
  • Multiple Players, Maximum Mayhem: Up to four hippos can battle it out, ensuring constant action and hilarious moments as players jostle for marble supremacy.
  • Durable Design Built to Last: Like the legendary hippos themselves, this game is constructed to withstand countless hours of enthusiastic play.
  • Proven Profit Powerhouse: A timeless favorite with a fresh, giant twist, Hungry Hungry Hippos attracts players and keeps them returning for more, translating to serious ticket-earning potential.

More than just a game, Hungry Hungry Hippos is an invitation to unleash the inner child and rediscover the simple joy of friendly competition. Get ready to witness the marble mayhem firsthand! Contact us today and bring the legendary hippos to your location.

Product Specifications

W 60
D 32
H 119

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