A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

Hologate Arena

Hologate Arena

The World’s leading VR platform for location-based entertainment delivers (on average) ROI in less than 8 months. This anchor attraction continually draws spectators in with its cool, open-air, futuristic design, large monitors displaying the non-stop action, and from your customer’s continuous screams of delight.

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With over 400 systems installed, this is the most successful compact and turnkey multiplayer VR platform in the world.

The average ROI for the HOLOGATE ARENA is less than 8 months. Due to the high throughput and engaging game content, HOLOGATE ARENA has already surpassed 7 million total plays across the facilities of our amazing clients who have already added it to their space. This award-winning virtual reality technology and experience will transport customers into worlds only previously existing in dreams and the most fantastical science fiction movies.

HOLOGATE ARENA brings advanced technology and immersion that will fit just about anywhere.

Space is a premium in any entertainment facility, which is why the HOLOGATE ARENA experience was designed to be compact. This 4-player virtual reality attraction takes up less than 300-square-feet and is perfect for even the most space-challenged Family

Entertainment Center.

System Design and Experience

The HOLOGATE ARENA is a unified, turnkey platform using the highest specs in hardware and software on the market today. Its throughput and capacity are designed to outperform smaller arcade applications and larger free-roam systems.

Depending on the game selected, they either work together or compete head-to-head for a high score. The hyperreal graphics streaming through the 90fps headset make for a comfortable experience with no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness.

The open-air futuristic design and large program monitors above the playing area draws in spectators and a continuous flow of players.


4 Player (Standard)

• Premium Virtual Reality Headsets

• High-Performance Gaming PC Computers

• TeamSpeak Player Communication

• Attendant Touchscreen Interface

• Haptic Feedback Blasters

• (3) Signage Grade 24/7 TVs

• Interactive LED Lightshow

• 3D Hologram Advertising Fan

• Admin Analytics Software Backend

Modular System Upgrade Options:

Haptic Feedback Vests

Branded Carpeting

Card Reader integration (Embed, Intercard, Sacoa, etc..)

HOLORACK – Premium Blaster Charging Rack


Branded Queue Stanchions

Backdrop with HOLOGATE Keyvisual

Branded Disinfecting Wipe Dispenser with Waste Container

Metal Perimeter Fencing

Additional Televisions

Additional 3D Hologram Advertising Fan

Operator Wireless Audio Headset

Product Specifications

Minimum Requirements
5 x 5 m / 17 x 17 ft floor space, 2.8 m / 9 ft height
2x 16 A-rated power sockets - 220V
3x 10 A-rated power sockets - 110V
2 Mbit/s Internet

Product Specifications

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