Hard Rock Highway 66


The Mini Bowling Solution

The Highway66 mini-bowling system packs a lot of small-ball fun and big-profit potential into a small area. A casual alternative for customers of all ages. No shoes, oil, or holes are required; just space, and not much at that; about 40 feet is all it takes.

Item Number: 022238N


Highway66 is the most popular and best-selling mini-bowling attraction in the world. It’s so popular that it truly defines the category. Since introducing mini bowling over 20 years ago, more than 3,000 Highway 66 lanes have been installed worldwide.

The Ultimate Mini Bowling Experience

Highway66 is infused with QubicaAMF’s rich heritage of traditional bowling expertise and the ultimate expression of our superiority in manufacturing and innovation. It’s proudly made in the U.S.A., a premium production choice essential to ensure the top quality and reliability that are trademarks of Highway 66.

Highway 66 is especially suitable for Bowling centers, FECs, hotels, pubs, bars, sports bars, private clubs, private houses, arcade centers, shopping malls, holiday resorts, cruise liners, amusement parks, restaurants, multi-cinema complexes, sports venues, employee’s amenities, carnivals.

The quality of the string pinsetter machine and the solid phenolic synthetic lane surface deliver years of trouble-free operation and feature no maintenance. The lanes require no special conditioning or oils, and players don’t need special bowling shoes. Highway66 will be a pleasure to operate and profit from with essential general maintenance and cleaning. An advanced feature of the Highway 66 hardware is its ability to host multiple software games, each comprising a distinct style and purpose to suit any intended site. From traditional ten-pin-based games to alternative bowling games, you can continually offer a new experience to your guest.

Payment Options: Coin control, Bill acceptors, Debit card interface, Ticket dispenser

Product Specifications

Mini bowling specifications (lane pair):

Standard length: 39’- 9 1/2 “ [ 12.129 mt] Customized length available
Width: 9’- 2 1/2 “ [ 2.807 mt]
Minimum Height Required: 8’- 6” [2.591mt] customized height available
Total Weight per standard unit length 5600 lb [ Kg 2545]

Attract mode: 250W
Play mode. 2800W
Single phase supply requirements : 220-240V 50/60Hz 3200W
Recommended 20AMP circuit breaker per unit

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