Godzilla vs Kong Smasher


Godzilla vs Kong Smasher – This game has 1P-4P capabilities, with vertical and horizontal whacking targets; this brings a new sense of versatility to this game style. The beautiful cabinet and riveting audio features make this game a must-play.


Item Number: USPM 028772N


Unleash the Titans of Fun with Godzilla vs. Kong Smasher

Bring the blockbuster smash to your arcade with Godzilla vs. Kong Smasher, the 4-player physical and light hybrid whacking game guaranteed to monster-mash its way to profits. The premise of this whacking game is that players defend Hollow Earth by smashing the onslaught of monsters attempting to break through stages, each of which ends with a boss showdown where players must defeat the colossal Kaiju Bosses. With four players working together, they must whack the targets as quickly as possible to diminish the boss’ health bar.

Team up to conquer: This isn’t a solo mission! Players join forces as the mighty Kong or the colossal Godzilla, battling waves of iconic monsters and gargantuan Kaiju Bosses. Teamwork and strategy are crucial to filling the light meter and smashing your way to victory.

Immerse yourself in the roar: Dive into a dazzling 3D environment with vibrant visuals and electrifying effects. Every punch packs a punch, bringing the epic clash of these kaiju titans to life right before your players’ eyes.

License to thrill: Officially licensed Godzilla vs. Kong guarantees instant brand recognition and fan attraction. Watch as moviegoers flock to your arcade for a chance to become these legendary monsters!

Four times the fun, four times the profits: With four separate whacking stations, this game caters to multiple players simultaneously, maximizing engagement and boosting your revenue potential. The more Titans battle, the more your bottom line roars!

More than just a whack-a-mole: Go beyond the classic! Realistic 3D models of Godzilla and Kong add depth and excitement to the gameplay, while the strategic element of teamwork and level progression keeps players hooked and coming back for more.

Godzilla vs. Kong Smasher 2 Player Also Available

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