Goatz N Ropes Angle

Goatz N Ropes

Players climb the “infinity” looped rope to race their goats to the top, against each other and against time. Along the course, they must dodge rock cliffs using the left and right buttons to switch between three on-screen ropes.


Item Number: BAYM 028739N


See you at the top!

Sven and Lars, the goats, are on a mission to race up the mountain. In this multiplayer game, players race each other, and it is time to win the big bonus.
Players pull the infinity-looped rope to trek up the side of the mountain. As you climb higher, avoid the rock cliffs by jumping from left to right. Use the jump buttons to navigate side to side across the three on-screen ropes successfully.

As players reach the summit, the Yeti is the only obstacle left. Watch out for snowballs and collect the tickets at the top. To win the big bonus race against the clock and summit in record time!

Will you be the G.O.A.T.?

Product Specifications

W- 6 feet 1 inch
D- 5 feet
H - 12 feet 6 inches

Height w/out Marquee: 9’10”
Weight: 827 lbs
Shipping: 1,128 lbs

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