Game Buster Boxer

From Kalkomat

Get ready for an unparalleled arcade boxing experience with the Game Buster Boxer!


Unleash the Inner Champion with Game Buster Boxer: The Knockout King of Arcade Thrills!

Step into the ring and prepare for an unbeatable arcade experience with Game Buster Boxer, the machine that packs a punch for players of all ages and skill levels! From casual throw-downs to competitive showdowns, Game Buster Boxer delivers nonstop excitement, keeping your patrons coming back for round after round of fun and profit.

Here’s why Game Buster Boxer reigns supreme:

  • Tailored Play: Choose between a free-play mode for leisurely jabs or coin/bill operation for ticket-earning tournaments. Cater to every player’s preference and maximize your earning potential.
  • Challenge Accepted: Multiple difficulty levels offer a satisfying climb for both beginners and seasoned pugilists. Keep players engaged and returning for more as they strive to conquer each level.
  • Global Currency Champ: No matter where your patrons hail from, Game Buster Boxer welcomes them all with its multi-currency acceptance for bills, coins, and tokens. Break down international barriers and unlock universal fun.
  • Double Duty Acceptor: Streamline payment options and minimize downtime with the machine’s dual functionality. Handle both coin and bill transactions simultaneously, ensuring no competitor waits to unleash their punches.
  • Unbreakable Records: Let the legends live on! Track top scores effortlessly with unbreakable and customizable high-score features. Fuel friendly competition and watch patrons strive for arcade immortality.
  • Dazzling Display: Every victory deserves a spotlight! Flashing halogen lights add a dramatic and eye-catching flair to each blow, drawing in spectators and amplifying the competitive spirit.
  • Built to Brawl: Constructed with a rock-solid mechanism, Game Buster Boxer can withstand countless jabs and haymakers. Expect years of reliable operation and consistent profits.
  • Tech-Savvy Champ: Stay ahead of the curve with the included electronic coin acceptor. Enjoy hassle-free transactions and seamless gameplay for every competitor.
  • Score Big: Reward skilled fighters with bonus credits for high scores! Motivate players to hone their skills and add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament atmosphere.
  • Traveling Champ: Need to move the party? Game Buster Boxer’s lightweight design and easy transport make it a breeze. Set up the arena anywhere and watch the profits roll in.
  • Double Your Reward: Keep the cash flowing with the bonus extra save cashbox. Enjoy added security and convenience for managing your earnings after each epic battle.

Product Specifications

H 88" x W 28" x D 49", weight 276lb

Shipping dimensions: pallet W 40" x L 52" x H 93".