Flying Tickets

Join The Flying Era!

This video redemption game is full of fun. This video game with ticket redemption allows players to fly through various obstacles and try to win a ton of tickets. What makes this better than the original concept is that it includes 2-player competitive play!

Item Number: 025950N


Soar into Profits with Flying Tickets Arcade: The High-Flying Ticket Redemption Craze!

Introducing Flying Tickets Arcade, the exhilarating two-player game that combines thrilling skill-based challenges with a ticket-redemption jackpot for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser in your arcade!

Players will be hooked by:

  • Fast-Paced Action: Guide your adorable winged characters through a dynamic world of obstacles, dodging hazards and collecting valuable coins. Every successful maneuver earns points and brings them closer to ticket-winning glory.
  • One-Button Mastery: Simple, intuitive controls make Flying Tickets accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, ensuring immediate engagement and repeat play.
  • Skill-Based: No luck involved! Every point earned and ticket won directly results from player skill and quick thinking, fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouraging friendly competition.
  • Challenge the Crowd: Two-player mode lets friends and family battle it out for high scores and ticket bonanzas, adding a layer of social interaction and excitement to the gameplay.
  • Skill Bonus Jackpot: Exceed the target score and watch the tickets rain down! Players can win an additional 100 to 1000 tickets with their expert piloting skills, turning Flying Tickets into a true high-reward experience.
  • Eye-Catching Spectacle: A massive 65-inch screen displays Flying Tickets’ vibrant and animated world in stunning detail, captivating onlookers and drawing players in from across the arcade floor.
  • Compact Footprint: Despite its expansive gameplay, Flying Tickets Arcade boasts a surprisingly small footprint, making it ideal for arcades of all sizes and maximizing your valuable floor space.

Why Choose Flying Tickets Arcade for Your Business?

  • Proven Profitability: The highly addictive gameplay and ticket-redemption system guarantee players keep coming back for more, boosting your revenue and ROI.
  • Broad Appeal: Flying Tickets caters to a wide range of ages and skill levels, ensuring consistent foot traffic and engagement from families, young adults, and casual gamers alike.
  • Low Maintenance: Simple operation and intuitive controls minimize staff training and downtime, keeping your arcade running smoothly and your profits flowing.
  • Brand Recognition: Eye-catching design and vibrant graphics make Flying Tickets instantly recognizable, attracting players familiar with the popular mobile game and digital versions.

Ready to Take Your Arcade to New Heights?

Contact us today to learn more about pricing, availability, and financing options for Flying Tickets Arcade. We’re confident that this high-flying skill-and-reward game will be the perfect addition to your business, sending your profits soaring and keeping your customers entertained for hours on end!

Available in standard and “MINI” versions.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 38"
Depth: 40"
Height: 105"

Flying Tickets Mini Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 38"
Depth: 35"
Height: 92"
Shipping Dimensions:
Width: 45"
Depth: 55"
Height: 85"
Weight: 650 lbs

Flying Tickets Mini Shipping Dimensions:
Width: 43"
Depth: 43"
Height: 92"
Weight: 350 lbs

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