Fast & Furious 43 Twin

Fast & Furious Arcade Standard 43″

Fast & Furious Arcade Standard 43″ – The hit game in a new, compact cabinet.

Item Number: BETM 028698N


Fast & Furious Arcade Standard – Get into the driver’s seat and race along wild tracks in many exotic locations.  A new compact cabinet offers more versatility for locations.

  • Dual 43″ UHD
  • Link 8
  • Secret Missions
  • 6 Wild Tracks
  • 8 Super Cars
  • QR Code Stats

Includes software update.

  • Updated physics makes it easier to trigger stunts

  • Free race for head-to-head winner option

  • New attract movie to teach players how to drift

Product Specifications

Single Cabinet:
Width: 40”
Depth: 85”
Height: 93.8”
Weight: 500 lbs

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