Fantastic Prize LED Blue

Fantastic Prize LED


New Upgraded Features!

Cut the string to win the hanging prize, which fits a large-sized plush and prize.

Item Number: 028677N


Fantastic Prize LED offers an immersive experience that combines skill, strategy, and a touch of luck. So, prepare yourself for the thrill of the challenge and immerse yourself in a world where bigger prizes await those bold enough to take the leap and cut their way to victory.

Equipped with precision scissors, you must exercise your skill and judgment to determine the perfect moment to move. Timing is crucial because cutting the string too early might leave you empty-handed, while waiting too long might allow someone else to snatch the coveted prize before you.


It is the same great game, now with improved features:

  • Customizable lighting color options with RGB LEDs
  • New dot matrix display
  • Able to fit double-stack DBVs
  • Stunning new cabinet design

Suggested Prize Size 30″ – 70′

Available in BLACK or BLUE.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions:

Height: 78"
Width: 31.5"
Depth: 35"
Weight: 460 lbs

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