Ducky Splash

Ducky Splash


Make A Splash And Win Tickets! 

Fun and exciting 2-player water-blasting game for kids!

Item Number: USPM 028859N


Ducky Splash is an adorable 1-2-player water shooting game designed for kids! Players must shoot as many ducks as possible into their own entrance before the time runs out! Mama Duck gets you more points, whereas the crocodile deducts points. Easy to set up with a captivating 3D duck head marquee… kids will have a blast with this game!

  • Use the water guns to push rubber duckies into tunnels to earn points and tickets
  • Pushing the crocodile into the tunnels will deduct points
  • Attractive 3D duck marquee with lights & interactive speaker
  • 43” LCD screen backboard displays cute animations

Ducky Splash is a fun and exciting 2-player water-blasting game for kids!

Product Specifications

W41" x D78" x H91"
Weight: 529 lb.

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