Duck Pond Frenzy

A Unique Twist to a Classic Carnival Duck Pond Game!

Win the Bonus Golden Duck!

With state-of-the-art gameplay and diverse levels, it’s the top choice for players of all ages.

Claim your prizes and discover why Duck Pond Frenzy is the ultimate in redemption gaming!

Item Number: ZOOM 028784N


Step right up to the Duck Pond Frenzy – a unique twist on the classic carnival duck pond game! This innovative, engaging, and practical game is a must-have for any location looking to draw in players of all ages. Its five-player rotary system, unique water effects, and RFID technology set the Duck Pond Frenzy apart from other games. Players can experience the excitement of the game with the bonus of stunning rainbow light shows, trend-setting graphics, unique marquee, and fantastic game sounds.

A Unique Twist to a Classic Carnival Duck Pond Game!

• 5 Player Rotary Game with Unique water effects and RFID Technology!
• Appeals to players of All Ages!
• Spectacular Rainbow Light Show!!!
• Trend-Setting Graphics!!!
• Unique Marquee
• Amazing Game Sounds
• Golden Duck Bonus…

Product Specifications

Machine Size
63"W x 60"D x 83.07" H

110/220V 450W

630 Lbs
66"W x 66"D x 85" H

680 Lbs

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