Duck Catcher

Duck Catcher

Duck Catcher is an exciting crane from Coast to Coast featuring a modern-looking backlit topper, an extended top cut-out sign, a scoop claw and a 3 point locking system. This fun crane is dollar bill acceptor ready and an optional play-until-you-win is included as well.

Item Number: 026110N



The Duck Catcher crane machine features large, attractive duck-catcher animal graphics, sturdy all-metal construction, and is loaded with features. It can be configured as a “Play Until You Win” machine or as a traditional skill crane. Packed with features, it will be a valuable addition to your arcade or family fun center!

– All metal frame construction
– Tempered safety glass (not cheap plexiglass)
– Recessed rope lights in both corners
– Electronic coin mechanisms
– Optional dollar bill acceptor/stacker
– Candy scoop for all sizes except Jumbo & movie boxes
– Scoop handles ducks, zoo, Sea-life animals, and Squishes.
– Dual optical prize detection system
– “Play ’til you win” selectable
– Microprocessor control
– Great sounds and voice
– Easily accessible service panel on the front of the game

It also available as a sized Duck Catcher. Prepare to experience the heart-pounding excitement and sheer joy of conquering this massive hit! Take the throne and wear the crown with this new, huge, high-earning crane.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 24"
Depth: 31"
Height: 70"

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