Crazy Tower

Holographic Style Puzzle Game

Introducing the first holographic redemption game. Playing an addictive game in a see-through 3D display. Just out of this world.

Available in standard and “MEGA” versions.


Item Number: 026546N


Crazy Tower is a video ticket redemption game by Adrenaline Amusements. that uses a unique, semi-transparent pyramid-shaped display; this creates a unique holographic style effect for up to four players.

Players have their attention captured by the display; then, they stick around to play a fun puzzle game. Like the “Stacker” games, you attempt to build an isometric tower as tall as possible for points and tickets. As a single-button game, you simply push the button when you think that the sliding piece is perfectly lined up with the piece beneath it. Misjudge, and your next building block will be smaller. Build really high for the bonus jackpot!

By offering four-player stations, the earnings potential for Crazy Tower is massive.

Features: The semi-transparent pyramid display creates a holographic effect unlike anything players have seen. Hardware and software are exclusive to arcades. Fun and easy-to-learn puzzle game that is 100% skill. Stack the building floor by floor within the time limit. Single-button operation makes it great for people of all ages and abilities. 1 to 4 players – this is a great game to have during your busy hours! Ticket dispensers are included for each player. Ships with a coin mech for each player; card swipe compatible

Available in standard and Mega Crazy Tower versions.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 54"
Depth: 54"
Height: 92"
Shipping Dimensions:
Width: 45"
Depth: 41"
Height: 87"
Weight: 450 lbs

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