Comboprize Skill

From Kalkomat

Comboprize Skill Boxer Machine


Double the Fun, Double the Profits: Introducing Comboprize Skill, the 2-in-1 Prize Dispenser Powerhouse!

Unleash a knockout combination of excitement and revenue with Comboprize Skill, the innovative dual-game machine that packs a punch for players and boosts your bottom line! This compact powerhouse unites the thrill of a boxing game with the electrifying challenge of a soccer kicker, offering unbeatable value and endless entertainment for audiences of all ages.

Knock Out the Competition with These Winning Features:

    • Two Games, One Champion: Comboprize Skill brings double the fun and double the earning potential. Players can test their boxing prowess on the punching bag or unleash their inner footballer with the powerful kicking mechanism. Both games offer engaging challenges and exciting rewards, keeping engagement high and profits flowing.
    • Free Play & Paid Play: Cater to every preference with the option of free-play mode for casual competition or coin/bill operation for ticket-earning tournaments. Choose the model that best suits your audience and maximize your revenue potential.
    • Global Currency Champ: No matter where your patrons come from, Comboprize Skill welcomes them all with its multi-currency compatibility for bills, coins, and tokens. Break down international barriers and unlock universal fun.
    • Double Duty Acceptor: Streamline transactions and minimize downtime with the machine’s dual functionality. Handle both coin and bill transactions simultaneously, ensuring no competitor waits to unleash their punches or kicks.
    • Built to Brawl: Comboprize Skill boasts a rock-solid mechanism and durable construction, capable of withstanding countless jabs, shots, and powerful kicks. Expect years of reliable operation and consistent profit generation.
    • Grippy & Steady: Rubber legs provide added stability and prevent unwanted movement, ensuring players feel confident and focused on their game.
    • Tech-Savvy Advantage: Enjoy hassle-free transactions and seamless gameplay with the included electronic coin acceptor. Your operation runs smoothly, and players experience uninterrupted fun.
    • Dazzling Display: The gleaming LED top grabs attention and sets the stage for exhilarating competition. Watch players drawn in by the vibrant lights and the promise of victory.
    • Customize for Impact: Elevate your brand game with the optional custom design feature. Turn Comboprize Skill into an extension of your unique identity and make a lasting impression on your patrons.
    • Space-Saving Powerhouse: This compact wonder packs two games into one, maximizing your floor space and squeezing every drop of profit potential out of your location.
    • Modern Kicking Delight: The included modern-type soccer ball (without bladder) provides a realistic and satisfying kicking experience, further enhancing player engagement.
    • Unbreakable Arm: Rest assured, the punches and kicks can come hard and fast, but Comboprize Skill’s indestructible arm will stand its ground. Enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted fun.

Product Specifications

H 228cm x W 92cm x D 130cm, weight 159kg

H 90" x W 36" x D 51", weight 351lb

**For freight purposes please add the weight of the palette and/or other packing materials.

Shipping dimensions: pallet W 40" x L 52" x H 84".