Coco Bowl Front

Coco Bowl

Exciting and Addictive Game Play; Catch falling balls from coconut tree. Contact Sales for Pricing.


Exciting and Addictive Game Play; Catch falling balls from the coconut tree.

116-inch tall coconut farm tree-themed ball-catching fun game.

Exciting and intense gameplay; Players keep concentrating while playing a game.

Eye-catching cabinet with brilliant lighting effects; Brightly lit around billboard, playfield, and play console.

Backboard lighting on the playfield; Colorful and vivid playfield.

Full skill game; the more you play, the better you can play

Intuitive reward where players win tickets corresponding as many as

balls are caught.

Operator adjustable

1) The number of balls given per game

2) The number of balls to win bonus


  • Coins-in. 3 balls will be ready in the launcher.
  • 3 balls drop to the playfield at a time and they are traveling along the pegs. (The balls fall down by the amount set in the setup.)
  • Move the controller to the right to the left diligently to hold many balls into the basket.
  • The more balls you receive, the more tickets you win. Caught more balls than the set number; you will get a bonus.

Product Specifications

Installed Dimensions:

Width: 41"
Depth: 51"
Height: 118.5"
Weight: 683.5 lbs

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