Carnival Cups Crane

A Classic Crane With A Carnival Twist

Track the cup with the bonus ball to earn more chances on the claw and win more rewards.

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The Carnival Cups crane is a colorful and exciting crane game from TouchMagix. Players use the crane to grab and win prizes, such as stuffed animals, toys, and other small items. The game features a vibrant design with bright lights and fun carnival-themed graphics. The crane is easy to use, with simple controls that make it accessible to players of all ages. The game also has various difficulty settings so players can adjust the challenge to their skill level. Overall, the Carnival Cups crane is a fun and engaging game that will surely be a hit at any event or location.

Skill based carnival game with a crane combo

Available in Multiple Game Modes

  • Mode 1: Play to win maximum chances at the crane.
  • Mode 2: Play to win bonus tickets if no plush is won.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions:
Height: 100"
Width: 36"
Depth: 36"
Shipping Dimensions:
Height: 82"
Width: 40"
Depth: 48"

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