Boxer Dog

From Kalkomat

Manual and automatic high score resetting


Unleash the Inner Pup with the Kalkomat Boxer Dog: The Kid-Sized Knockout for Profits!

Introducing the Kalkomat Boxer Dog, the free-standing punching game machine that’s guaranteed to unleash roars of laughter and a stampede of profits! This adorable arcade champ is specifically designed for pint-sized pugilists, featuring a punching bag lowered 10 inches for little arms to reach glory.

Packed with playful pup power:

  • Kid-friendly design: A full-color, friendly doggo facade welcomes young challengers with open paws (and a toothy grin).
  • Engaging sounds: Punches are rewarded with playful animal sound effects, keeping the little ones hooked.
  • Wheel of Boxer: Take the fun up a notch with the included Wheel of Boxer, offering exciting game variations for all ages.
  • Four arcade game modes: Choose from Power, Speed, Reflex, and Tournament modes, letting kids test their skills and challenge their friends.

More than just child’s play:

  • Perfect placement: Ideal for arcades, game rooms, basements, churches, or anywhere that needs a dose of energetic fun.
  • Profit puppeteer: Attract a loyal pack of players and watch your earnings soar with this eye-catching crowd-pleaser.
  • Multi-player mayhem: Accommodate solo sluggers or epic family throwdowns with its competitive play options.
  • Language smarts: Entertain a global audience with multilingual settings.
  • Upgrade potential: Boost your earning potential with the optional bill acceptor add-on.

The Kalkomat Boxer Dog is more than just a game – its an investment in smiles, screeches, and serious ticket-earning potential. Ready to turn your location into the coolest hangout for cubs of all ages? Contact us today, and let the punching commence!

  • Free game mode
  • Difficulty levels
  • Works with bills and coins in all currencies and tokens
  • Works with coin- and bill acceptor simultaneously
  • Unbreakable record-setting
  • Manual and automatic high score resetting
  • Flashing halogen lights mode
  • Solid mechanism
  • Rubber legs
  • Electronic coin acceptor included
  • Kids design
  • Animal sounds
  • Shows player types

Product Specifications

H 237cm x W 87cm x D 128cm, weight 115kg