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Bobblehead Baseball

From Andamiro

Bobblehead Baseball arcade pits gamers against the bobble-headed avatars of MLB’s biggest stars in this fast-action, wholesome video game.

Bobblehead Baseball: Non-Ticket Software Version is also available.


Bobblehead Baseball is Andamiro’s newest video redemption game and the first licensed title from MLB Players Inc., a subsidiary of the MLBPA. The new “videdemption” game pits arcade gamers against the bobble-headed avatars of MLB’s biggest stars in this fast-action, wholesome video game that awards tickets. The novel game has three adjustable difficulty levels (easy, normal, and hard), and its pitchers are programmed to throw fastballs, curveballs, or changeups. There are seven outfield targets that players can hit or need to avoid. Aim for the targets with points to accumulate tickets or hit the letters to spell G-R-A-N-D—S-L-A-M to win the Super Bobblehead Bonus. But try to avoid hitting the out markers – three outs end the game, naturally. Players apply hand-eye coordination to time their swings and accurately aim the ball.

» New video redemption concept from Andamiro.

» Officially licensed product of MLB Players Inc.

» Play with and against bobble-headed avatars.

» Features professional baseball’s biggest stars.

» Rich entertainment value for all ages and skill levels.

» Progressive super bonus prize.

» Tall, slender cabinet with 55” LCD and intuitive controls.


» Game selects the pitcher, player picks batter.

» Time swing to accurately hit ball.

» Pitches include fastballs, curveballs and changeups.

» Aim for targets to score points or collect bonus letters.

» Spell G-R-A-N-D—S-L-A-M to win Super Bonus.

» Hit a Homerun Chance booster to score 200 points.

» Three outs end game.

Bobblehead Baseball: Non-Ticket Software Version

A new software version is now available for Andamiro’s Bobblehead Baseball video game. The non-redemption version changes Bobblehead’s gameplay from ticket rewards to points only. This version is designed for non-ticket operations for “street” locations like bars and taverns, as well as for rental operations in the events space. The software is downloadable and can be transferred to a USB flash drive that can plug into Bobblehead’s USB port. The operator simply inserts the USB stick into the port and then reboots the game to launch the points-only version. For street vending applications, operators must install coin mechs and/or bill validators and cashless readers. To get the download link and for any Bobblehead support queries, please send your request using our service/parts form here.

Product Specifications

Dims: 32" W. x 46" D. x 103" H.
Weight: 342 lbs.
Power Consumption: 250W / 2.1A
Number of pallets: 1
Dims: 52" x 36" x 89"
Weight: 393 lbs.

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