Big Ticket Drop

Drop it like it's hot!

Big Ticket Drop offers mechanical play value, sure to have players dropping by repeatedly as they skillfully try to line up the arrow in the big bonus slot.


Big Ticket Drop: Attract and Excite Customers with Thrilling Ticket Redemption

Boost your arcade’s earning potential and player engagement with Big Ticket Drop, the electrifying ticket redemption game that keeps players returning for more!

A Skillful Challenge, a Rewarding Jackpot:

  • Players test their timing and accuracy as they aim to line up the arrow with the coveted “Big Bonus” slot.
  • Boomer, the friendly ticket hero, guides them through the game, adding personality and excitement.
  • The pressure builds as the countdown timer ticks down and the “Big Bonus” target flies by.
  • A giant ticket globe hangs in suspense, waiting to be dropped onto the rotating platform at the perfect moment.
  • Smash the big red button with impeccable timing, and a shower of tickets rains down – the ultimate reward for their skill!

Progressive Bonuses Fuel Repeat Play:

  • The progressive bonus feature incentivizes players to keep playing as the potential jackpot grows with each attempt.
  • This encourages longer playing sessions, boosting your overall revenue and customer satisfaction.

Eye-Catching Design that Commands Attention:

  • The towering 11ft 7in backlit marquee features Boomer and eye-catching visuals, attracting players from afar.
  • Bold colors and dynamic animations create an irresistible presence on your arcade floor.

Big Ticket Drop is more than just a game; it’s an experience. It’s the perfect addition to any arcade looking to:

  • Increase foot traffic and engagement
  • Boost ticket redemption revenue
  • Offer a unique and exciting experience for players of all ages

Are you ready to take your arcade to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about Big Ticket Drop and how it can revolutionize your business!

DBA ready; compatible

Product Specifications

Width: 3’4”
Depth: 4’1”
Height: 11’7”
Weight: 457 lbs

2.8 amp @ 115 vac
2 amps @ 230 vac
Shipping: 623 lbs

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