Balloon Bust

The Balloon Bust Attendant-Free Game (AFG) allows guests to play this Classic Midway-style game without a game operator.


Bob’s Space Racers advances the idea of balloon pop games by bringing you the Balloon Bust Attendant Free Game (AFG)! Balloon Bust AFG allows guests to play this classic Midway-style game without a game operator.

Once the game begins, it dispenses multi-colored balls, and guests will throw a ball at backlit LED balloons to “POP” them. The more balloons they “POP,” the bigger prize they win! This game has a special 4-inch prize ticket for unique prize redemption abilities.

Game Features:

  • Group them to increase profits and fit your building size!
  • Electronically controlled and flexible game settings and options
  • Built-in sensors that know when the guest has thrown and then reset the game for the next player

Product Specifications

L: 123 in. (312.4 cm)

W: 40 in. (101.6 cm)

H: 96.5 (245.1 cm)


Game Power: 115V / 60Hz / 3.20A / 368W


Game Power: 230V / 50Hz / 16.0A / 368W

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