Axe Master

Axe Master

Many will try, few will become – the true Axe Master.

Axe Master takes the sport of axe throwing to the next level as it skyrockets in popularity worldwide. Players toss rubberized “real feel” axes at a physical target in this multi-player, multi-game experience.


Make a statement in any game room without a big hassle. Its two sections — the safety wall and back cabinet remain under 5′ wide. The entire back cabinet is on wheels, making it easy to maneuver for setup. Many will try, but few will become the true Master.

Unleash your inner Viking with Axe Master: The next frontier of axe throwing!

This isn’t just a game; it’s a portal to a world of thrilling competition and primal satisfaction. As the sport of axe throwing grips the globe, Axe Master elevates it to an art form right in your game room.

Feel the Burn, Not the Bite:

Toss aside the fear of flying woodchips! Axe Master’s specially designed rubberized axes deliver the satisfying “thunk” of a bullseye without the ouch. Experience the realistic weight and throw, honed for newbies and seasoned axe-wielders.

Game On, Level Up:

Axe Master isn’t just about sticking blades. It’s an arena for multiple players and game modes, guaranteeing endless hours of friendly (or fierce) competition. Challenge your friends to classic axe-chucking, unleash your inner lumberjack with timed challenges, or invent your Viking saga.

Master of Space, Master of the Game:

Are you worried about turning your game room into a lumberyard? Fear not! Axe Master’s sleek design packs a punch without hogging the floor. Its two modular sections – the safety wall and back cabinet – remain comfortably under 5 feet wide. Plus, the back cabinet rolls smoothly on wheels, making setup a breeze.

The Call of the Axe Awaits:

Many will attempt to master the throw, but only a few will claim the title of Axe Master. Are you ready to answer the call? Embrace the primal thrill, hone your skills, and dominate the competition. With Axe Master, your game room won’t just be a place to play; it will be a legend in the making.

Product Specifications

Width of Cabinet: 5’4”
Width of Safety Wall: 6’9 3/4”
Depth: 15’8”
Height: 11’3 1/4”
Height w/out Marquee: 8’11”
Weight: 1,829 lbs

3.3 amps @ 115 vac
1.9 amps @ 230 vac
Shipping: 1,979 lbs

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