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Your high-capacity, high-volume ATM solution with 24/7 access.


Your high-capacity, high-volume ATM solution with 24/7 access.

The 5300CE delivers the powerful financial transaction support you need with a Windows CE platform base. This high-volume ATM solution features high-capacity note storage and 24/7 customer access. This rugged model brings you the same high quality and proven dependability you expect from an industry leader
Nautilus Hyosung.

This latest advancement in customer convenience features a user-friendly interface displayed on a vivid 15″ screen. HIGH CAPACITY
The 5300CE accommodates up to four 2,000-note cassettes for maximum storage of 8,000 notes. The dispenser profile can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, making this the ideal solution for
high-volume transactions.

Experience peace of mind knowing the 5300CE’s high volume of notes can be protected with a Level 1 safe option. The unique design also allows you to add an optional camera for added security.

This cutting-edge model offers you a low-cost, financial institute-grade ATM that is Windows CE platform based. TCP/IP with SSL SUPPORT
The 5300CE includes built-in TCP/IP with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for enhanced security while connected to the Internet.

You can count on the 5300CE. Its ease of maintenance and simplified service provide maximum availability and uptime with minimal operational intervention.

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