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Betson offers top-of-the-line arcade games, vending machines, billiards, and other amusement products that have proven to add revenue and foot traffic to various locations. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team is with you every step of the way – from concept to completion. Our layout & design team will ensure each game is placed in a prime location, keeping the arcade room as busy as the rink!

We’ll work with you to tailor equipment and financing needs to make the investment work. After the sale, we are there for you with training programs, parts & services, and keeping you updated on the latest industry trends.

Playland Skating Center Prize Area
Girl playing air hockey


How can you keep up with the changing times? In order to do so, you must apply new technology, broaden your customer focus and offer diverse entertainment options. Adding a game and prize redemption center to a Skating Rink is a strategic investment that has proven successful for many skating rink owners. Data from the industry suggests that an FEC (Family Entertainment Center) can increase revenue up to five times. With our help and guidance, our customers are seeing a significant return on their investment.

Playland Skate Center had been searching for another point of entertainment that could be both profitable and simple for guests to use alongside the large skating rink.

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