February 3, 2021

Benefits of Card Reader Systems

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The arcade industry was known as Coin-Op for years because of the use of quarters in games. Still, technology and consumer behavior have changed over the years, and many businesses are going cashless.

Adding a card reader system to your location can have several benefits. Overall, they offer real-time visibility and control across your entire operation with the ability to manage your games, real-time prize inventory, guest party planning, and bookings, including bundles and upsell packages.

Here is a list of some of the top benefits of adding a card reader system:

  • Increase Sales
    • On average, companies see a 10—30% rise in collections
  • Reduce Costs
    • eliminate costs of tokens, tickets, ticket eaters, and token machines
  • Improve Reporting
    • Analytical data will help identify areas of improvement
    • Centralized reporting for multiple locations
    •  Integration with most POS systems
  • Decrease Downtime
    • Less downtime of your games from token and ticket jams
    • Daily analytical reports help identify problems
  • Expand Marketing
    • Time-play packages
    • Happy hour, etc
    • VIP, Loyalty

Loyalty Programs

Keep customers returning to your location by building out a loyalty program. Having a card reader system with a loyalty program allows you to give the customer incentives and rewards and will enable you to keep track of their spending.

A loyalty program is not one-size-fits-all and is unique to each location. Generally, most loyalty programs start with a reusable game card given to the customer in return for an email address. From there, you can control the various rewards and special discounts through the card and card reader system. For example, give the customer a free appetizer or drink for every $25 they spend at your location.

This also allows you to drive more traffic during an off-peak season or time, especially if you offer special prices for loyalty cardholders. You can also add a free weekly or daily game to the loyalty cards to fill your game room. It’s a win-win for you and the customer as they get discounts, free plays, and other incentives as you fill your game room during downtimes and make extra income since the customer is more likely to stay longer and spend more. 

Game Room Optimization

With access to your card reader system, Betson can run our Wellness Program, which offers periodic reviews of game room performance. The analysis focuses on game selection, price-per-play, and ticket settings to ensure you maximize both profits and the customer experience.

All you have to do is email the appropriate card service provider at the emails listed below and put in the subject line “Betson Wellness.”

Intercard: [email protected]

Intercard offers innovative solutions for debit card technology in gaming, amusement, loyalty cards, inventory control, and point-of-sale systems. 

Embed: [email protected]

Embed is a global leader of the integrated cashless arcade payment system: Mobile Wallet, Kiosks, Arcade Debit Game Card System, Game Cards, POS Systems, & more. 

Semnox: [email protected] 

Semnox builds holistic technology solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry. 

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  • I am interested in purchasing a card system.

  • Donnelly, who served as New England general manager at Betson Enterprises before joining Heartland in 2003, said he initially thought the point at which cashless will become “heated up” in vending is three to five years away, but the level of interest is rising so fast that he thinks that point in time could be sooner. Mike Lawlor, senior vice president of sales and business development at USA Technologies Inc., thinks the 20 percent incremental sales lift is a low number. He said cashless will be profitable for any machine that can deliver $1,000 per year in cashless sales.

  • Thanks for this wonderful piece of information.

  • You have stated well the details and the benefits of card reader systems. However, for those who have not tried using it, here are the things you need to know on how to use arcade debit card readers:

    1. Insert your debit card into the embed card reader, it will then detect available funds.
    2. If your card has been read and has available funds, you can enter the purchase amount.
    3. Swipe or tap your card over the card machine, if it’s contactless.
    4. Your card information will be communicated to your bank, and if there are sufficient funds in your account the payment will be accepted.
    5. You can also print your receipt or a digital receipt will be sent to you via SMS or email.
    Through this card, the payment process will be as fast as you expected.
    If the card reader detects available funds, the transaction is approved. Easy!

    Or you can read more here https://www.embedcard.com/hardware-solutions/smarttouch-arcade-debit-card-reader . 🙂

  • Maddeline Alberts / / Reply

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  • You made a good point when you discussed that the card reader system can remove the expenses of tokens. My friend wants to buy an arcade since he is a gaming enthusiast. I should advise him to make sure that the unit is working properly before closing the deal.

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