Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Arcade

Rescue the Dinosaurs on an Island Run Amok!

Rescue the dinosaurs on an island run amok! Use your high-powered tranquilizer gun to subdue menacing dinosaurs and restore order to the island.

Item Number: 026009N


The objective of the Jurassic Park Arcade™ game is to save the dinosaurs on an island while also dealing with the ensuing chaos. Armed with a powerful tranquilizer gun, players must subdue dangerous dinosaurs and bring order to the island. The game’s environmental cabinet and theater seating make it a must-have for any location, promising to generate significant revenue.

Game Features:

  • Based on the Hit Movie Franchise
  • Massive 55″ HD LCD
  • Family-friendly gameplay
  • 9 Exciting Missions
  • Over 30 species of Dinosaur
  • High-reliability Guns
  • Over 1000 Dynamic color-changing LEDs
  • Cutting-edge graphics and sound
  • Lighted giant Dino topper and Jurassic Park Logo
  • More than 45 minutes of gameplay
  • Can fit through a 36″ standard door

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 53"
Depth: 80"
Height: 103"
Weight: 1217 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:
Crate 1:
Width: 50"
Depth: 56" 
Height: 80"
Weight: 769

Crate 2: 
Width: 35"
Depth: 56"
Height: 85.5"
Weight: 448

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