A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

Photo Booths

Face Place Deluxe

The Industry’s Most Recognizable Photo Booth!

Face Place Deluxe Angle
Deluxe Outdoor

Keep Out the Damp, Wet Weather

Face Place Deluxe: Outdoor Edition by Apple Industries - Betson Enterprises

Perfect For The Event Or Party Rental Business!

Face Place Photo2Go Event Photo Booth image
Wedding Booth

The Perfect Photo Booth For The Big Day!

Face Place Wedding Booth image
Marvel Adventure Lab

Turn Your Photo into Comic Book Art!

Marvel Adventure Lab by Apple Industries Betson
Movie Photo Booth

Take a Photo with Your Favorite Character!

Movie Photo Booth image
Photo Studio Deluxe

The First Interactive Photo Booth Attraction!

Photo Studio Prism

Pose with Your Favorite Characters!

Photo Studio Prism by Apple Industries
Ruby Photo Booth

This Classic Face Booth Thrives in Tight Locations

Ruby Photo Booth Arcade Game Image 2 from Apple Industries
Sapphire Photo Booth

Get Ready To Pose!

Sapphire Photo Booth Arcade Game Image
Scene Machine

Drop Into a Scene!

Scene Machine Photo Booth Arcade Game Image
Gen II Photo Booth

The Best Just Got Even Better!

Gen II photo booth image
Gen 3 Photo Booth

Fun Included with Every Photo!

Grumpy Cat Photo Booth

I Took a Photo Once. It was Awful.


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