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Champion Shuffleboard

Since 1988, Champion has been focused on the craft of building quality shuffleboard tables.

  • Champion Shuffleboard coin-operated and custom-designed shuffleboard tables and games.
  • We mix our line of custom-blended powders with seven speeds to choose from.
  • Our operation is located in Richland Hills, Texas. Each table and playfield is built in-house to ensure Champion’s high-quality standards.

There was a time when table shuffleboard games were loved only by the players. Less loved by operators or location owners. The game was considered an “older persons game” or an “expensive bar table.” However, times have changed! With the success of Sports Bars, Brewery Restaurants, and Family Fun Centers, table shuffleboard has caught on with players of all ages. In addition, many shuffleboard players put these top-quality shuffleboards in their homes. The games involve skill and, of course, a little luck. FUN FOR ALL AGES to play!

Enjoy a faster-paced game

Champion’s second contribution was our patented “Handicap Scoring.” The traditional 1-2-3 scoring remains in Champion’s games along with the 1-2-3-4 Handicap system. This is great for people who enjoy a faster-paced game or when a novice plays with an experienced player. The novice uses “Handicap Scoring,” while the experienced player uses traditional scoring, resulting in a more fair and challenging game. Either way, the game is played, and both the player and the game owner benefit from the “Handicap Scoring.” More games can be played in a shorter time; as we all know, the more games played, the more money made.

Custom Built for the buyer

Every Champion Shuffleboard table is crafted at our Richland Hills, Texas headquarters. There are no separate facilities and no overseas kits shipped in.  Wood comes from one side of the building; finished tables ship from the other.  This allows unparalleled communication and involvement during construction – crucial when each board or game is custom-built The customer can choose from lengths of 12 to 22 feet, choose from a range of special stains, and even add a playfield logo.

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