How Location-Based Entertainment Is Taking Virtual Reality To New Heights

Location-based entertainment (LBE) is a growing sector. According to IBIS World, “The market size, measured by revenue, of the Arcade, Food & Entertainment Complexes industry is $3.2bn in 2023.”

This is a great time to be an owner of a bowling alley, amusement park, theme park, water park, or arcade because consumers are looking for new experiences outside of the home. But it’s important to diversify and offer various things for customers to do. One trend that’s beginning to take hold is virtual reality games.

The Next Big Thing

In recent years, millions of people from across the globe have become enamored with the world of virtual reality. Through the magic of their cell phones or personal VR systems, they have been transported into new cities, games, and environments.

Of course, this first dip into the virtual reality industry has left many wanting more; location based entertainment is the answer.

What is Location-Based Entertainment

Location-based entertainment (LBE) is most generally used to describe any form of entertainment in a specific location outside of the user’s home – often in a Family Entertainment Center. The LBE experience usually involves creating a physical space with all the props, tools, and equipment needed to create a truly immersive environment. There is an initial investment from the business to build an experience that captures people’s attention and makes them want to return. With various experiences like bowling, arcade games, rides, and VR, the possibilities are essentially limitless. Hence, it’s important to work with a partner who can suggest the best activities for your location.

Virtual Reality Games

However, location-based entertainment is not a one-player experience. In fact, many set-ups are designed for as many as six players to enjoy at any time. VR experiences such as Mario Kart VR and Alien Zoo let a family or group of friends experience identical sights, sounds, and feelings together. Sharing feelings with a group is an important key to the out-of-home experience.

Given that location-based VR has so much to offer consumers and operators, it is perhaps no surprise to see the interest and growing offerings in the marketplace. Some estimates place its current market share at around $1 billion – approximately seven percent of the entire virtual reality industry. Indeed, projections by Greenlight Insights suggest that LBE could become a $12 billion market as soon as 2023.

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