Ultimate Shot

Shoots a ball toward the target ahead.


Shoots a ball toward the target ahead.

  • Single Player Game
  • 2-unit Multi Players Game With A Mega Marquee
  • Play For Fun Game
  • Ticket Dispensing
  • Suitable For All Ages
  • Pull and Release the ball shooting lever.
  • Shoot a ball toward the big LED square target ahead..
  • Full-skill game: Players control the shooting power of the ball by how far they pull the lever.
  • Play for fun game: It gives multiple pieces of balls per play.  Players shoot them and win a bonus if they goal as many as the set numbers of the game.
  • Big square target that looks easy enough to win!


  • Coins-in. A ball is ready to shoot at the ball launcher.
  • Aim at the target ahead. Pull and release a lever to shoot a ball.
  • Players win a bonus if they goal the set number of times out of the shots given.
  • Mega Bonus Challenge: Players win a mega bonus if they goal every shot out of the shots they played.

Product Specifications

W803 X D2091X H2338mm (31.6” X 82.3” X 92”)