A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.


E-Claw Cosmic Crane

From Elaut

Specially Designed for Size 5 Soft Toys

The E-Claw Cosmic is Elaut’s newest attractive crane specially designed for size 5 soft toys. This crane is fully equipped with environment-friendly RGB LED lighting which means lower energy costs and a longer life for the lighting.


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E-Claw Cosmic

Operators looking for an E-Claw crane that can handle larger prizes, size 5 toys/plush, then the E-Claw Cosmic is that crane.

Operators will find the “IntraXion” control system helps maximize players’ fun.

The widest footprint of the E-Claw cranes at 43” or 1m20 wide, makes this crane worthy of centerpiece attention – especially with the glow light effect!

BTW – there is a wide array of color-changing options to make this crane really stand out!


◉ Specially designed for size 5 soft toys

◉ Light-emitting facades

◉ White lacquered aluminum profiles

◉ Change the color of the crane whenever you like

◉ Easy due to the brand new “IntraXion” control system

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