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Basketball Pro “Fun Version”

From Andamiro

Basketball Pro is not your ordinary “free-throw” basketball game. It reimagines arcade basketball by encapsulating a truly interactive experience in a compact 32″ x38″ footprint: follow the moving basket/backboard, pound and shoot, and make as many baskets as possible in 40 seconds. The Fun Version will open up new locations for Basketball Pro and new opportunities for route operators.


Andamiro USA adds a non-ticket version to its popular Basketball Pro lineup with the Basketball Pro Fun Version. This design has a single front door design that supports one bill validator, along with two coin mechanisms. The ticket signage of the original game has been removed, and “how to play” decals are placed where the ticket readouts are situated on the redemption version.

Ideal for Bars and Street Shops

Additionally, where the “big win” readouts are located at the top of the original game, there is only a “top score” readout on the Fun Version (here, the best player can point to his Basketball Pro achievement!). Features a novel rubber-ball user interface – about the same size as a real basketball. The game challenges players to shoot mini balls on the enclosed playfield at backboards that move up and down.

The mini balls’ propulsion is controlled pneumatically as the player pounds on one of two ball controllers. Three points are scored for every basket until the final 10 seconds, when a basket is worth six points. Features two-player stations to offer two game options. Players can select “single-mode” on either side or credit up for “versus mode,” which uses both sides to host a two-player competitive game in which the baskets move in sync.

Compact Footprint

Has the same compact 32″ W. x 38″ D. footprint as the original. With the eye-catching billboard, the game stands 98″ high. Without the billboard; it’s 79” high, accommodating locations with lower ceiling heights. The game’s vibrant cabinet graphics, exciting music, and game announcer create an exciting gaming experience.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 31"
Depth: 39"
Height: 98"
Weight: 485 lbs

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