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MEI VNR Recycler

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Changing the game at the point of sale

The MEI VNR Recycler accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, and stores either $1 or $5 bills for use as change for future purchases.


The VNR Recycler from MEI: changing the game at the point of sale. Make your business more accurate, flexible, easier to manage and, ultimately, more profitable.

• Bills that come in as payment are used for change going out
• Minimizes expensive coin float
• Stores up to 30 bills – $1 or $5
• Accepts all notes between $1 and $20 – consumers can pay with whatever denominations are in their pockets
• Compact, modular design enables placement in a variety of machine types
• A selection of bezel types to meet all location and POS needs
• Eliminates the need for bill changers

MEI  technology – for reliability and quality that positively impacts the bottom line

Product Specifications

Power Sources:
• 22 to 45 VDC
• Interface
• Bill Insertion
• 4 Way

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