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High Visibility Bezel

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Attract more attention. Encourage more sales.

Designed to heighten consumer awareness of the vending machine offerings, promote acceptance of higher denomination bills, and alert the customer to which denominations the vending machine accepts.


The MEI HVB High Visibility Bezel will brighten up your profitability. Its vivid, bright, low-powered LED illumination catches the customer’s attention and clearly indicates which denominations the vending machine accepts.

• Accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills
• Flexible acceptance promotes higher transaction rates
• Bill Value Confirmation
• Denomination lights up to confirm the value of bill inserted
• The Color of Merchandising
• The High Visibility Bezel utilizes strobing full-color LEDs (red, blue and green) to increase the vending machine’s noticeability, instructional capabilities, and merchandising ability. By choosing any of the HVB’s three LED colors or any combination of them, you can create a custom-based bezel for your machine. Color selection, made with coded coupons, is quick and easy.
• MEI Payment Systems
• Your point of difference at the point of sale.

• Colorful custom branding: The HVB can strobe through a wide range of colors — combinations of its Red, Blue and Green LEDs—or display your choice of solid color as a customized lighting signature.
• Bill value confirmation: When a bill is inserted, the appropriate denomination lights up on the HVB, confirming the transaction value for the customer. Accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.
• Illuminated bill entry: The HVB also highlights where bills are fed, making the transaction even easier and increasing customer satisfaction.
• An easy fit: The modular design of the HVB — available in VFM or compact versions—makes it simple to add to any MEI VNR Vending Recycler or CASHFLOW® VN2700 -equipped vending machine.

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