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MEI 4-in-1 Validator

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Cashless capabilities plus a lot more functionality

The MEI 4-in-1 Plus validator adds the capability of contactless payment technology to traditional magnetic swipe credit/debit card, bill and coupon acceptance. MEI built upon its successful Combo validator product to create an innovative solution designed to provide maximum benefit for vending and amusement operators.


The MEI 4-in-1 validator: cashless capabilities with a wave of possibilities. Four key factors that mark the difference between your business and your competition: convenience, compatibility, easy installation/maintenance, and profitability.

• Accepts cash payments, provides a jam-free experience
• Convenient vertical credit card swipe
• Contactless payment/NFC – ready for new “mobile wallet” technology
• Accepts MEI coupons for promotional and discounted vends
• User-friendly interface screen guides consumers through the payment process
• Unwanted transactions can be canceled with a highly visible “END” button
• Bright, LED “runway lights” attract consumers to the machine and direct them towards payment options
• Cashless technology from a company with a legacy of profitable benefits for operators and consumers alike

Product Specifications

• Power Consumption
• Acceptance: 15 Watts
• Operating Environment: -15°C to 60°C

Power Sources:
• 22 VDC to 45 VDC
• Interface
• Bill Insertion
• 4-Way

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