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SEGA Amusements International is dedicated to producing, developing, supplying, supporting, and operating amusement arcade games and merchandise for the global entertainment sector. Originating back to 1951, the words amusement and SEGA are now synonymous. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese-based Sega Sammy Holdings, SEGA Amusements was formed in 1997; with its headquarters in London, we serve the global market. Over many years, our dynamic Research and Development division built a team of game designers, software programmers, and electromechanical engineers to deliver real innovation, immersive entertainment, and exciting fun for players. Our games are manufactured worldwide, with significant production sites in Cardiff and Chicago.

2020 saw the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the SEGA Corporation. Today the company continues to have the vision it always has had, striving to move forward by innovating, developing, and creating long-term relationships with people and businesses who share common goals.

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