A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.


exA-Arcadia is changing the location-based entertainment industry ecosystem to empower arcade operators and game creators alike with the cartridge-based exA-Arcadia platform which has ranked top 3 in operator revenue across Japan since its release in late 2019. Developed to address the amusement industry’s pain points, there are no required online connections or services, no forced revenue share per play, no monthly network subscription fees to pay and no risk of your games not working anymore because a company decided to shut down their servers. Simply purchase a game cartridge and plug it in to have a new game ready to go on location. No installations, no downloads, no hassles. It just works. 

  • We understand what arcade owners want – Affordable, profitable, easily convertible games
  • We understand what game creators want – Reasonable business schemes & Easy access to the arcade market
  • We understand what arcade players want – More arcade games!

For operators or collectors, the exA-Arcadia System is a low-cost, high-performance completely standalone solution that is available to any company or individual. Games from a number of genres are available to cater to a variety of audiences and regions. There are no restrictions or region protection, exA-Arcadia games from any region will work on any exA-Arcadia system. If you run a small to medium-sized business, this is the ideal conversion kit to easily refurbish an existing machine. Compatible with the JVS (JAMMA 2) industry standard, it also works with the older JAMMA standard using already available I/O boards from a variety of manufacturers. For those who need something bigger and just want to plug it in, a dedicated all-in-one cabinet is also available. Do you want to add another game to your system? No need to rewire anything, just plug the new game cartridge into one of the four available slots and turn on the machine.

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