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Established in southern California in 2000, Andamiro USA Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of South Korea’s Andamiro Co., Ltd. They market ticket redemption amusements, prize merchandisers, sports games, video games, and the Pump It Up dance simulator line.  Since the start of the new millennium, the company has brought to market more than 100 arcade games operating in various entertainment destinations. Our primary customers are entertainment center chains; independently operated recreational facilities; amusement equipment resellers; and thousands of professional amusement machine operating companies. Andamiro USA is also tasked with monitoring amusement and gaming trends and shares information with its parent company to enhance future products.

They design and produce amusement devices in most arcade game categories. The company’s specialty is analyzing, designing, manufacturing, and maintaining complex electromechanical systems – the combination of electronic circuits and mechanical components – that can operate in rugged commercial environments.

In addition to its Pump It Up dance game, Andamiro has been developing other video games in recent years. The company’s first video titles were Tight Rope (2018) and Monster Catcher (2019), operating as ticket redemption devices.

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