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Lease for 36 months at


$3,500.00 Residual


Special Financing
6 Equal Payments
0% Interest*

Must purchase and take delivery by June 30th, 2024

Special Leasing & Financing on Quarterback Pro

Score a touchdown with ICE’s latest sports game, Quarterback Pro! Players will press the Start button to begin the 45-second game. Footballs will be dispensed from the built-in conveyor belt. Players skillfully throw footballs at the pop-out targets, trying to time and complete passes correctly to score touchdowns. Players must time each pass so that the football lands in the green zone next to the respective target they hit. If the player mistimes the throw and lands outside the green and blue zones, the player will be awarded 15 yards and considered an incomplete pass.

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Offer Expires on July 31, 2024

*Freight, filing fee, import charges, sales tax and delivery to be paid up front. All programs and offers pending approval and contract by Betson Financial Services.

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