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Lease for 30 months

at $390/mo.*

$4,000 Residual

Mega Blaster Leasing Special

Mega Blaster gameplay is simple but skill-based: Players are presented with a tall building that spans two screens. Each building floor will show a different value, representing how many tickets can be won. After crediting up, players push the TNT plunger to send the glowing marker up the building. Push lightly, and it won’t scale the building much; Push too hard, and it’ll reach the top, then bounce back down. Wherever it lands, it will blast that level, rewarding the player with the mentioned tickets. Blow up the Bonus floor to win the most tickets!

Offer Expires on April 30, 2023

*Freight, filing fee, import charges, sales tax and delivery to be paid up front, plus applicable sales tax for lease payment & residual. All programs and offers pending approval and contract by Betson Financial Services.

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