June 11, 2020

Cafection | Evoca Launches Contactless Coffee Ordering Technology

Sophia Touchless Solutions becomes the new way to order a cup of coffee

Cafection | Evoca unveils its latest IoT technology, making it possible to order a cup of coffee without ever touching the brewer. Sophia Touchless Solutions allows the client to scan a QR Code with their cellphone, giving them access to the exact same drink selection as the machine screen. Cafection | Evoca’s latest technology enables contactless ordering through three easy and intuitive steps, referred to as “Scan, Select & Enjoy” by the company.

“And there’s an even better feature to it,”, said François Baron, CEO at Cafection | Evoca “our technology is compatible with almost any Cafection machine equipped with a screen, making touchless ordering possible on thousands of existing units”. With a simple upgrade, Office Coffee Service (OCS) operators can enable contactless ordering on their brewers in less than 15 minutes.

How it works

Sophia Touchless Solutions uses Cafection | Evoca proprietary Sophia platform, an online technology developed seven years ago which connects coffee machines in real-time to a server through a cellular network. “We are the IoT pioneer of the coffee industry and Sophia Touchless Solutions brings us a way further in that direction. It makes us unique and we are really proud about it” said M. Baron.

With the ongoing global situation and the growing demand for cleaner and safer solutions, Sophia Touchless Solutions is more than welcome in the coffee industry, greatly affected by the pandemic outbreak. “The process is completely touchless, no matter the step… but you still need a cup!” concluded M. Baron with a laugh.

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