August 29, 2019

Big Buck Hunter and Busch Beer Team up on a Nationwide Campaign

Beginning September 1, 2019, Busch Beer will begin a nationwide promotion to drive traffic to your Big Buck HD machines.

The promotion will kick-off at the NASCAR Bojangles 500 race in Darlington, SC with the unveiling of a Big Buck Hunter themed #4 car driven by Kevin Harvick.

Big Buck HD Wild image

In conjunction with the promotion kickoff, a special version of Big Buck HD will be activated on all online machines. This version will support two major promotions for players 21+ and available on Big Buck HD games and for operators in the US ONLY. 

The Great White Buck Challenge

Busch and Play Mechanix will offer a special edition Hunting Permit player card that players can purchase via by logging into their player account. The card will cost $5 in player account credits (which can now be reloaded with a debit/credit card for US Player Accounts) and in return, Busch Beer will donate $5 to the National Forest Foundation for conservation. Once the player receives their Hunting Permit, they can unlock the Great White Buck Challenge!

When the player uses their Hunting Permit at any online Big Buck HD machine, an exclusive version of the game will activate that will give the player one opportunity to bag the Great White Buck on a Whitetail hunting site. If the player is successful, they will receive 5 entries into a sweepstakes for a free Busch themed Big Buck HD machine. The player must pay the normal cost of a Big Buck HD play.

Busch wholesalers will be delivering promotion packs to bar locations throughout the country that contain several items to promote Big Buck HD plays. Along with signage, coasters, etc. There are coupons that can be given out when a patron purchases a Busch Beer. The coupon contains a unique code good for one free play on a connected Big Buck HD machine. The play can only be redeemed when the machine is not being played and has no credit. The player redeems the coupon by pressing the start button at which time a screen comes up asking for a code. The player types in the code on the coupon and then receives a limited version of a single play.

Along with these ‘on-premise’ activations, all Busch and Busch Light beer sold at retail will be branded with Big Buck Hunter packaging and cans. 

How can you participate?

How can you participate? – simply make sure your Big Buck HD machine is connected online and registered on CoinUp.

To make this easy, any game the has not been registered within the past 90 days and comes online during the promotion period will not incur CoinUp service fees during the promotion period (now – 12/31/19).

This Fall, the awareness of Big Buck Hunter will be greatly increased. Please take advantage of this very unique promotion and get your games connected before Labor Day weekend.

Contact your local Busch wholesaler to inquire about special Busch Big Buck Hunter promotional items. If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-866-646-1975.