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Zombie Snatcher (pre-owned cabinet) is a 6-player rotary-style game that has 40 ticket prize pucks on the playfield ready to be skillfully snatched by the players Zombie arm. The game has a unique auto-loading feature that holds an additional 150 pucks for auto distribution, making it very operator friendly.

(1) Available Used in Florida

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Item Number: 026387U


The ultimate 6-player rotary game, featuring an all-new, patent-pending, RFID prize distribution system. Zombie Snatcher (used cabinet) is an exciting, top-earning redemption game. As a prize puck is won, the RFID system recognizes its value and awards tickets while the distribution system replenishes the playfield.

With adjustable ticket options for all arcade rooms, Zombie Snatcher comes with an adjustable bonus feature and the ability to offer different gameplay styles. Make it the center attraction of the game room. It draws in players from all over the game room with its vibrant LED’s, and highly recognizable zombie theme

Features: Intelligent RFID accounting system to achieve maximized earnings. Prize puck supply included. Designed for swipe card locations. From six feet under…the ultimate six-player rotary game.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions
Height: 60.5"
Width: 67"
Length: 67"
Weight: 675 lbs.

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