A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

Subway Surfers Arcade

Subway Surfers Arcade
Item Number: 025981N
Subway Surfers, the most downloaded Android game ever is now available in an arcade version. Contact Betson Sales for Pricing
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Subway Surfers is here in an arcade version. Subway Surfers casts the gamer as Jake, a young urban graffiti artist who enjoys taking unauthorized rides on mass-transit equipment. To enjoy that sport, he must evade a grumpy inspector whose mission in life is to collar him; this can be done by jumping, ducking and switching tracks.

During the pursuit, golden coins appear along the right-of-way and are collected to score points. Powerups also pop into view from time to time; grabbing them boosts performance, enabling even higher scores. The player that succeeds in intercepting the letters B, O, N, U, and S wins the big bonus.

Amusement Redemption Game

This is an amusement redemption game in which the player tries to collect as many coins as possible in the time allowed while running down subway tracks. The player must jump, duck or switch tracks to avoid obstacles. Random power-ups can be collected along the way. There is a BONUS that can be won by collecting the letters B O N U S. The player is awarded tickets based on how many coins were collected.

The most downloaded Android game ever!

  • 135 million active monthly users!
  • 2nd most popular game in the world!
  • Over 425 million downloads!

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions
Height: 105"
Width: 31"
Depth: 43"
Weight: 470 lbs.

Product Specifications

Crated Dimensions:
Height: 58"
Width: 40"
Depth: 65.5"
Weight: 525 lbs.

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