Soccer Safari

From Andamiro

Put a Good Kick in the Cashbox!

Soccer Safari is a fun & exciting single-player game that has the option of vending or an amusement-only game. Defeat the moving goalkeeper to score!

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Item Number: 028039N


Perfect for all locations! This single-player game is fun and compulsive with attractive lights and audio – the player fires mini soccer balls using 2 buttons while trying to defeat the moving goalkeeper to score. Bill validator ready.

Adjustable Gameplay

Adjustable time and winning goal values allow operators to tailor gameplay. Compact shooting soccer device operates as vending (vends 2″ toy capsules or novelty balls – 200 capacity) or amusement-only game.

Low Cost

Ideal for route operations, bulk vending sites and Family Entertainment Centers.

The newest Soccer Safari supports ticket redemption operations in cashless card-swipe venues, and in traditional quarter or token arcades.

Andamiro’s Soccer Safari amusement device can vend 2” round novelties and hold up to 200 prize units. Since prizes are “self-transporting” – descending on the delivery ramp from the storage bin to the prize door – they must be perfectly round. Hi-bounce balls (49mm) and foam balls (50mm) work great, and so do 2″ round capsules. Capsules must be smooth along the circumference at the seam (no protrusion).

Product Specifications

Set-Up Dimensions:
Width: 22"
Depth: 35"
Height: 66.5"
Weight: 220 lbs

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